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Our vision is to bring next generation of space exploration closer to reality. Standardising production and scaling products to work on a vast range of satellites ensures similar mission possibilities for different bus designs for orbit and even beyond it.


Aurora Propulsion Technologies’ mission is to ensure clean and debris free space, whilst prolonging the useful lifespan of satellites reducing the need to renew satellites as often as before. 

Our long-term mission goal is to restart deep space exploration with probes using revolutionary means of propulsion, an electric sail.

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Why Space, Why Now, Why Aurora?

Space industry is currently undergoing massive revolution similarly to Industry 4.0. Space has never been more accessible as now. A boom of new technologies alongside decreased launch costs makes modern satellites more effective, more useful and easier to launch. We at Aurora are working hard to make propulsion and active deorbiting accessible for all spacecraft sizing from CubeSats to small satellites. This helps to keep the space around us more debris free whilst giving highly important feature for the satellites, better controllability, by making attitude and orbital changes possible for even the smallest CubeSats.

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Conferences are great for meeting new business partners, investors, innovative solutions and like-minded colleagues. Come and visit us as Aurora will be present at:

  • Smallsat Symposium, San Francisco, Feb 2-5. 2020,
  • 4S Symposium, Vilamoura, May 25-29. 2020.
We have also visited plenty of conferences in the past. You can find out more on our media page.
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