Company Story

Aurora Propulsion Technologies was founded in 2018. In early 2019 we joined European Space Agency Business Incubator Centre programme (ESA BIC Finland) in Otaniemi. Within a year from founding Aurora grew from 7 founders to 17 employees. A target of delivering our first thruster sample for a satellite on Q4 of 2019 is on schedule, with flight ready thruster delivery objective of early 2020. Initial flight date for the satellite is expected to be later in 2020. Our goals for the future include further scaling of our operations, in terms of production quantities and development of upcoming products and increasing our sales and customer base.

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Meet the Team

Roope Takala

Experienced Business and Innovation leader with backgound Corporate Research leadership, Strategy and Business Development. Serial Entrepreneur.

Perttu Yli-Opas

Student of mathematics, Perttu has been active in many projects, ranging from rocket science to AI and robotics.

Timo Mustonen

Passionate about turning innovative strategies into reality. Experienced in Project and Program management, GTM, Partnerships, Start-up funding and coaching.

Pekka Janhunen
Senior Technical Advisor

Space physicist working at Finnish Meteorological Institute, inventor and leading expert of E-sail and plasma brake propulsion.

Vili Vilenius
Chemical Engineer

Versatile chemical engineering student with experience in rocket engine design and various smaller projects involving applied chemisty and mathematics.

Emmalotta Kittilä
Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineering student and experienced in hybrid rockets. Excited about science and specially about space technology.

Erkka Hanski
Electrical Engineer

Master student of space technology; founding member of Aalto Propulsion; involved in Aalto Satellites.

Rudolf Silander
Satellite Systems Engineer

Student of space tech, member of Aalto Propulsion, involved in Aalto 3, wide experience in aerospace.

Janne Sievinen
Rocket Program Leader

Experienced leader in complex & safety critical high technology product development with a broad knowledge of natural sciences. A keen amateur astronomer.

Jaakko Laitinen
Mechanical Engineer

All-round fabricator studying Mechanical Engineering to join theory and practice. A missing link between the researcher and the mechanic.

Jannika Vesalainen
Rocket Mechanic

Student of Micromechanics. Previously an operating-room and emergency-unit nurse, with experience in ops coordination, intensive teamwork and coaching.

Kristjan Mihhels
Market Researcher

Studying Industrial Engineering and Management, has done multiple projects for companies varying from data analysis to market research.

Matti Heliö
Rocket Mechanic

Technology and science enthusiast since a small child. Engineer by nature, student of micromechanics. Previously worked as a machinist, motorman on a merchant vessel.

Pihla Pietikäinen
Rocket Mechanic

Graduated micromechanic combining the classic watchmaking skills with modern precision machining and mechatronics

Pyry Peitso
Research Engineer

Researcher and space weather expert with background in CubeSat projects from the beginning of Aalto-1 development.

Swati Chandran
Research Engineer

Experienced Aerospace Engineer with expertise in propulsion, fluid and thermal sciences. Prior work areas include detonation engines and fuel cell technologies.

Marco Sanromán
Electrical Engineer

Space engineer with background in Mechatronics oriented to intelligent systems. His experience goes from the mechanical design in the manufacturing industry to the research in nuclear fusion, autonomous spacecrafts and CubeSat propulsion systems.

Joel Tolonen
Mechanical Engineer

Master’s student of mechanical engineering focusing on mechatronics. Experience in electronics and product development.

Olli Ohls
Software Developer

Software developer experienced in designing and building software for autonomous robots in urban environments.

Hank Kim
Sales Director, North East Asia

Experienced in business development & GTM (sales) in global trading, licensing of IP assets in ICT and related SW.