For propulsion experiments or DIY setups
For deorbiting your satellite

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Full Attitude and Orbital control

Interplanetary propulsion


Aurora Satellite Simulation Environment
For mission planning and ground testing your satellite

Orbital Thruster

World’s smallest propulsion system, fully customizable to any size & need. The OT is a water-based resistojet system. Usable for orbital corrections, collision avoidance and single-axis attitude control, including reaction wheel desaturation.

Isp ranging 90-120 s. Available with one or multiple thrusters with 0.2 – 5 mN of thrust on each, and with tank sizes of 1 to 100 grams. Smallest form factor is just 20 * 20 * 20 mm³ with 10 * 10 * 50 mm³ of piping for increased power efficiency.

Plasma Brake

A deorbiting device utilising the Coulomb force to generate drag. Small size and minimal power consumption make this module optimal for deorbiting CubeSats.

Small variant usable on up to 12 U CubeSats, on up to 700 km orbits. Larger variant usable up to 1000 kg & 1000 km.

Attitude and Orbit Control System

A multi-thruster system capable of full 3-axis attitude control, orbital maneuvering and collision avoidance. Water-based propellant mixture ensures safety and hassle free shipping and launch.

Size variants range from 0.3 U to 1.0 U+, depending on the size of the propellant tank. Standard sizes fit 1-12 U CubeSats, other form factors available upon request.


Full attitude and orbit control simulation software. Modular design allows for simulating any satellite submodules on an arbitrary level.
SAILS is capable of
  • Digital Twins
  • On-board software testing
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing (HILT) of
    • Satellite prototypes
    • Flatsat models
    • Ground twins
  • Mission planning
  • Constellation management planning
Includes models for Earth gravity, atmosphere, magnetosphere, LEO plasma environment, EO radiation, solar wind and other planetary bodies.


The Electric Sail is a revolutionary means of propellantless propulsion for deep space exploration. With 10 times the thrust-to-weight of a solar sail and less thrust loss from distance, it can accelerate even at 20 AU from the Sun or make a spacecraft hover in place at the asteroid belt.

We’re targeting a 4 U smallest form factor, enabling independent Solar System exploration starting from 12 U CubeSat sizes!